Salt Yoga

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
with Sarah

May 24 (Monday)
at 6:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Vinyasa yoga classes use linked asanas (poses) with the breath to create a flowing series of movements. Creating unity between the two necessitates the focusing of the mind until there is room for only the breath and the movement – no thoughts of the past or the future can sneak in. On a physical level, establishing a regular vinyasa yoga practice will create strength, flexibility and harmony in your body.

This vinyasa yoga class will be a little more gentle than our other Vinyasa Yoga offerings and is great for students who already have some yoga experience, are looking for a more mellow practice and/or who want to transition out of beginners yoga classes. It is also suitable for complete beginners but we do recommend trying a couple of beginners classes first.


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